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Boat Lifting & Cleaning

We can remove your vessel to our slipway or hardstanding, jetwash it, and relaunch it ready for your season’s boating.

Lifting & Cleaning (min 6m charge) 
Lift out, pressure wash, block on hardstanding, unblock, lift in£75 per metre
Lift out, block on hardstanding, unblock, lift in£65 per metre
Lift out, pressure wash, hold on slipway for antifoul or survey, lift in (max 2 days)£55 per metre
Lift out, block on hardstanding£40 per metre
Unblock from hardstanding, lift in£40 per metre
Pressure wash underwater section of hull£20 per metre
Labour - per hour or part thereof£80 per hour
Vehicles* including driver - per hour or part thereof£100 per hour

*Vehicles include tractor, forklift, Manitou, and Landrover.

Please call us on 07803 232234 for services not listed above.

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